Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been tagged.....

I've been tagged by the lovely Siobhan at Blythe Hopes Vintage

Here are some random facts about me...

1. All of my 3 children are at least 5 years apart. One at a time, please. ;D

2. I was born in Nashville, TN, and still live about an hour away.

3. Haven't seen a beach yet that I didn't love.

4. I am totally & thoroughly addicted to auctions! (find the most amazing treasures ;)

5. I've been know to bribe friends with vintage lingerie,lol.

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I tag:

1. High Desert Diva

2. Yesterday's Glitter

3. Mr. Filthy Rotten

4. Catnip Studio

5. So Distressing


The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, your kids are more than five years apart?! Love the crinoline, I'm trying to figure out when/where I could wear crinnie. Would it be really absurd for a 35 year old (me) to play dress-up?

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

Bribe away gal, bribe away...