Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweetest Lil' Baby Face!

When my son was home for the holidays, he'd asked me several times what I wanted for my birthday and I was at a loss as to the answer. The best gift ever was having him at home for the holidays & my birthday a few days later, which he was. (He's an MP in the TNARNG, translation: Military Police - Tennessee Army National Guard) That could never be topped.

Well I thought & thought and went through some of my wish lists on several sites. Finally, I settled on a vintage store display child's bust, with the sweetest lil' face ever!! Vintage store fixtures, displays & dress forms are my favorites. I'm an idiot, complete & total idiot over all things cute, girly, froufrou, etc. He obviously, is not. His preference is much more dark & ominous, sorta steampunk. How he has tolerated our rose infested, pink, shabby foofoo, white slipcovered decor for the last 20 years is something of a mystery. I suppose growing up surrounded by girls/women, he's immune to it all at this point. Alas, I digress... After asking me what in the world I was going to do with it, "Why put vintage hats & baby bonnets on it, of course!", I said, he picked out (at my request) a red velvet bonnet from my stash for the cute lil' thing to wear. (The least girly froufrou of the pile of bonnets & little girl

The "babyface" as it's been dubbed, didn't arrive until after his departure, so he hasn't seen it in person yet. He'd likely just roll his eyes & shake his head. Thanks soo much darlin', I love it!! It's too cute & refuses to not be shared any longer.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shock & Awe!

While browseing some new blogs I'd found the other day, I could not resist entering a giveaway over at Catnip Studios Blog, it was the pink Santa & Reindeer that did it. It's rare that I can resist anything vintage, pink or Christmas, much less the triple threat of all three combined ;) As usual, I had low expectations, LOL, I never win anything, ever. Really. So imagine my shock & awe, lol, when Kathy contacted me that I'd won!! Whoo Hooo!! A few days later I received a huge box of fabulousness. Just in time for Christmas, too :D

Included were oodles of fabulous handmade tags (gorgeous & oh so needed!), a big 'ol rose covered ornament (roses are my fav um, addiction), note cards, the sweetest vintage floral tea towel, and of course the pink Santa!! Please forgive the atrocious & hasty pictures. They truly do not do any justice at all to the lovelies from Kathy at Catnip Studios!! Thanks sooo much for the fabulously awesome goodies, love them all!

Post Script:

Being somewhat technologically challenged, without realizing it, this post is a wee bit late, as it's been in Edit mode for alot longer than it should have been :(

Note to self:Double check whether i've clicked post, as well as save :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brand Spankin' New SEE EDIT

Due to Unfortunate Circumstance, the Guild was deleted:(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Winner of the HCV Gift Certificate is..........

DigitalMisfits/heidig is the winner for Day 10 of the Walking In A Vintage Wonderland Gift Certificate Daily Drawing:) Congratulations & thanks so much for entering!! The drawing is ongoing, with a new Featured Shop of the Day over on the Etsy Vintage Team Blog. Check it out to see who's featured today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We're the Featured Shop of the Day for the Etsy Vintage Team's Walking In a Vintage Wonderland Holiday Promo!!

I'm soo excited Haute Country Vintage is the Featured Shop Of The Day on the Etsy Vintage Team's Blog for the "Walking In A Vintage Wonderland" Holiday Promo Blitz!! As posted earlier, every day there is a drawing for a $10 Gift Certificate to the shop featured that day. Just hop over to the team blog & comment with your fav item from the featured shop, don't forget to include your email addy, for a chance to win!! You have until 9PM EST to enter, daily. Now get on over there & enter. Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays & a Most Prosperous New Year!!!



Sunday, November 30, 2008

Walking In A Vintage Wonderland on Etsy

The EVST Etsy Vintage Team has kicked off our winter/holiday promo with an awesome giveaway!! We will be giving away a grand total of $300 in gift certificates. How fabulous is that?? A ten dollar gift certificate, good at the featured Shop of the Day, will be drawn by a random number generator every evening until we run out of participating shops. Here's how it works:
Check the EtsyVintageTeam Blog every day for the featured shop (a new shop is featured each day), browse thru their items on etsy, post a link to your fave on the blog (don't forget to leave your email addy so we can get your gift certificate to you if you win!) before 9PM EST and you are entered for that day's drawing. One entry per person, per day. Sorry, EVST members are not eligible. It's just that easy :)
I'm also going to be creating lots of gift guides for the EtsyVintageTeam Blog, to assist you with your holiday shopping. As V. at Vintage Goodness says: "Vintage makes a great (dare I say, the best?) holiday gift! " I agree wholeheartedly!! Search EtsyVintageTeam on Etsy for oodles of vintage lovelies for your gift recipients this year and help save the planet, buy vintage//*o*\\¸.(¯`•'´¯)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Check Out The Village!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shop List ~ Vintage Market Sale

Just out, updated list of participating shops for the huge Vintage Market Sale - November 8th & 9th on Etsy!! I'll be updating it as needed.

See updated list above :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vintage Market Sale on Etsy!!!!

Check out this fab youtube video by theeclecticdiva for the upcoming Vintage Market Sale on Etsy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shopping For Vintage Clothing??

Love all those vintage goodies you've been eyeing? Wondering just how fabulous you'd look in that KILLER 40's suit? Will it fit?? The last question is gonna be THE deciding factor in whether you even contemplate the purchase, is it not? This is also the single most asked question by brand new vintage vixens or in the know fashionistas wanting to incorporate that certain vintage something that are hesitant to buy vintage clothing online.

Grab a soothing/energizing beverage, your choice, and in mere minutes, learn how to tell if nearly any clothing item is going to fit. Happy day, huh? This works for all clothing, even, gasp, brand spanking new garb!

It's all in the measures. Yep, in the measures, as in YOUR measurements as well as the proposed GARMENT's measures. Numerical sizing is spastically all over the place, for both vintage AND new. Even within new garments, sizing charts vary wildly from designer to designer. A prime example of this is that while I can easily wear a size Large or 10/12 from Ralph Lauren, I can't squeeze my anything in a Betsey Johnson Large or 10, at all, tres tragic, I know. Hence, measures/measurements are the most accurate way to determine fit. How? you say. I'm getting there, forgive the ramble please, it needed to be said.

How the garment is measured

The most common measurements you're likely to see are: bust, waist, hips & length. Let's start with these. To measure the bust, the garment would be laid out flat, and measured from underarm to underarm, and then the measure doubled or x2. The waist is measured at the narrowest point, from side to side and double or x2. (You'll also often see shoulder to waist measures, I"ll get to that in a minute.) The hip, from side to side also doubled or x2. Length, either measured from the shoulder or center back to the hem, typically. Moving right along, next we have shoulder, shoulder to waist, arm and sweep. Shoulder measurements can be quite important, particularly for jackets & coats, and is simply shoulder to shoulder, on a garment with shoulder seams. Shoulder to waist is pretty self explanatory as well. Arm lengths can be measured from the underarm or shoulder.
Sooo, the easiest way to gauge if an item will fit is to compare the garment in question's measures against a similar garment of your own that fits you well. I hope you found this useful! Check back later in the week for another installment: Getting Your Own Measures, for the MOST accurate fit of all. Happy vintage day!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn at Etsy

Cool mornings, for the first time in what seem like ages, apples falling from the tree, the leaves just beginning to turn...............Love it!!!

Autumn is awesome, especially at etsy. Scarves, hats & jackets galore. Handmade, of every shape, color, boggles the mind. Oh, not to forget the cashmere gloves, mmmmmm. Vintage coats, jackets & boots, oh my!