Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweetest Lil' Baby Face!

When my son was home for the holidays, he'd asked me several times what I wanted for my birthday and I was at a loss as to the answer. The best gift ever was having him at home for the holidays & my birthday a few days later, which he was. (He's an MP in the TNARNG, translation: Military Police - Tennessee Army National Guard) That could never be topped.

Well I thought & thought and went through some of my wish lists on several sites. Finally, I settled on a vintage store display child's bust, with the sweetest lil' face ever!! Vintage store fixtures, displays & dress forms are my favorites. I'm an idiot, complete & total idiot over all things cute, girly, froufrou, etc. He obviously, is not. His preference is much more dark & ominous, sorta steampunk. How he has tolerated our rose infested, pink, shabby foofoo, white slipcovered decor for the last 20 years is something of a mystery. I suppose growing up surrounded by girls/women, he's immune to it all at this point. Alas, I digress... After asking me what in the world I was going to do with it, "Why put vintage hats & baby bonnets on it, of course!", I said, he picked out (at my request) a red velvet bonnet from my stash for the cute lil' thing to wear. (The least girly froufrou of the pile of bonnets & little girl

The "babyface" as it's been dubbed, didn't arrive until after his departure, so he hasn't seen it in person yet. He'd likely just roll his eyes & shake his head. Thanks soo much darlin', I love it!! It's too cute & refuses to not be shared any longer.