Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shock & Awe!

While browseing some new blogs I'd found the other day, I could not resist entering a giveaway over at Catnip Studios Blog, it was the pink Santa & Reindeer that did it. It's rare that I can resist anything vintage, pink or Christmas, much less the triple threat of all three combined ;) As usual, I had low expectations, LOL, I never win anything, ever. Really. So imagine my shock & awe, lol, when Kathy contacted me that I'd won!! Whoo Hooo!! A few days later I received a huge box of fabulousness. Just in time for Christmas, too :D

Included were oodles of fabulous handmade tags (gorgeous & oh so needed!), a big 'ol rose covered ornament (roses are my fav um, addiction), note cards, the sweetest vintage floral tea towel, and of course the pink Santa!! Please forgive the atrocious & hasty pictures. They truly do not do any justice at all to the lovelies from Kathy at Catnip Studios!! Thanks sooo much for the fabulously awesome goodies, love them all!

Post Script:

Being somewhat technologically challenged, without realizing it, this post is a wee bit late, as it's been in Edit mode for alot longer than it should have been :(

Note to self:Double check whether i've clicked post, as well as save :D

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Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I'm so happy to find that you enjoyed, and made use of, your winnings! Thanks for the shoutout,too :-)